About LightCraft


about us

Lightcraft is an innovative +
technical process driven
detail oriented company.

Light is a language, it is a fascination, a conversation between the space it illuminates and those that inhabit them. Light informs emotion, delights with colour and tells a story of the lighting designers vision.

The architecture of illumination requires both a technical and an emotional understanding of the medium, and that’s where we come in. We are Lightcraft Studio based in New Delhi, that embodies the language of light in all its many forms.

Specialists in modern lighting with a focus on the hospitality and commercial lighting sector, the team has completed projects across India and abroad. We are an accomplished team who are proud and extremely passionate about creating “made in India” lighting.

we create our own range of light fittings and offer lighting customisation capabilities. Be it our own collection or custom installation, each light fitting we create is carefully crafted and developed by our team of makers here in the New Delhi studio.

At Lightcraft, we have a range of skills, equipment and technology that we utilise to create our lighting installations and fixtures. With the creative and production team all specialising in different areas of lighting manufacture, we are more than capable of creating beautiful light fixtures.

By making light fittings locally, we offer an array of benefits to the Indian design and manufacture industry. Working with local makers such as Lightcraft, gives a high level of control to the designers over materials and processes. This not only means that the designer has a range of materials and processes to choose from, but they can also trust that the specified material and/or process will be achieved for their project. Likewise, we at Lightcraft utilise high quality materials and methods which also means ease of customisation for different project needs. This also provides the beneficial opportunity for collaboration between the designer and the maker. By specifying Indian made rather than importing from overseas, this saves time in projects having shorter lead times.

Our Philosophy

Innovative power, flexibility, and maximum customer orientation are the key characteristics of Lightcraft.

The New Delhi based company’s product philosophy, for which owner and managing director Aditya Shangari is renowned in the market: Easily comprehensible and maintenance-friendly lighting at the highest technical level.

Over the past decade, the company has developed into a specialist supplier in the lighting market. Whenever designers, developers, and companies, or consumers have an allegedly difficult task in the field of lighting, they are recommended to Lightcraft. This is the foundation of the company’s success and where the company’s philosophy is derived.